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height 177 / 5'10
bust 82 / 32
waist 64 / 25
hips 89 / 35
shoes 38 / 5
« I am keen to essential oils, minerals and herbal medicine. I took a year-long course on phytotherapy. I am interested in art, mainly paintings and photography. I have worked at the National Museum in Warsaw for few years. I practice Qigong and pilates. I love to spend time in countryside watching birds, trees and stars. I like to read retro detective novels by Boris Akunin, Agatha Christie’s crime stories, Gregg Braden’s and Deepak Chopra’s books on spirituality. I like to listen Ajahn Brahm’s and Gabor Mate’s talks. I love to travel and take care of my flowers. But most of all I love to spend time with my beloved. »