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height 171 / 5'8
bust 80 / 31.5
waist 60 / 23.5
hips 85 / 33.5
shoes 38 / 5
" I‘m a professional ballerina, so I love to dance and move. Outside my work I’m quite an active person as well and because I grew up in the mountains, skiing is my big passion in winter. I also love to travel and explore new places.. so much to discover! Furthermore I’m also a big foodie, difficult question to choose my favorite thing to eat cause I love all kind of food, but if I had to choose probably the Mediterranean cuisine, anything fresh in season is the best. And in my opinion you can’t beat Italian food :) Regards movies, I have to commit, I do love a good rom-com with a happy ending :) ( How to loose a guy in 10 days, Notting Hill are one of my favs) or a really good thriller, depending what I’m in the mood for and with a big bag of salty popcorn not to miss. And another fun fact, that many people don’t know - I can also play the Clarinet. "